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Our Story

Men of Faith is a men’s ministry at Saint Charles Borromeo Catholic Community. Formed in late 2016 - early 2017. We seek God, faith, love of neighbor and enemies, and to include all men in our rich diversity. 


We are called to be Christ to someone everyday. Whether it’s an act of compassion, praying with a friend, helping a neighbor with chores, engaging a new friend in spiritual discussion, or leading a family, we invite Christ to work through us. We are a spiritual feeding program for men of the parish who hunger for a deeper understanding of their faith but also a more intimate connection with God. By providing a path of spiritual growth that starts with attending Mass, and grows richly and intentionally from there, we know we can improve the lives of all men in the parish and, eventually, the whole community.


In our experience, every man we meet is on a unique path of spiritual discovery and growth. Our mission over the next 3-5 years is to create a system of personal growth that will lead men to spiritual transformation and a natural advocacy for Christ. Whether you are seeking a new church community, only attend Mass on holidays, regularly attend Sunday Mass, or are already involved in something like Bible study, Men of Faith is creating ways to bring Christ into your daily lived experience so that you not only can feel His presence but allow Him to shine through you.


We meet in both a large group and small group formats. Our large group meetings occur monthly and are organized around a meal, fellowship, and a guest speaker. Our small group meetings are self-organized groups of 4-8 men who meet weekly or bi-weekly for about 1.5 hours to support one another and pursue spiritual growth. Some use a study Bible or a study guide, while others work free-form from topics generated by the group itself. Whether your needs are for fellowship, Bible study, or exploring the Indwelling Christ in your life, chances are we have a small group for you—and, if not, you can create your own within our Men of Faith charter.


At the end of the day, Men of Faith wants to help you find your way to God in a richer, more meaningful, and more impactful way—for you and those you touch. If this sounds like something you would like to explore, please reach out to us on the contact us tab.

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