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2022 Men Of Faith Retreat

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Here are the documents, and a few comments, about this year's retreat. If you have notes, please reply and share them with us. You can also fill out our satisfaction survey here.


Fifty-six men attended, including 10 NEW men who had not previously participated in a Men of Faith activity.


Here are one man's notes. Reply to this posting and we'll add your insights.

  • Jesus comes to us first. He always initiates.

  • Jesus knocks on our door but the doorknob is on the inside.

  • I can tell I'm growing; if I'm growing more compassionate, more peaceful, and less afraid.

  • Pray, "Spirit, my spirit."

  • Ask the Holy Spirit for help before you go to sleep each night.

  • Franciscan atonement theory is, "I died for you to show you how much I love you." Not, for example, "I demand a bloody sacrifice."

  • Tell Jesus you love him. Love requires mutual recognition.

  • Metanoia: Change your way of perceiving.

  • Listen without thinking.

  • The Creator loved us enough to become a creature.

  • If you're lucky in life, something might break. Let that lead you to Christ.

  • The first step in salvation is self-knowledge.

  • Even the stillborn can be baptized with tears.

  • Learning to Fly by Sam Keen

Andy Darrow
Download PDF • 31KB

MoF Retreat Handouts 2022
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