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Identify with Christ

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

The Golden Gate of Jerusalem as viewed from the Mount of Olives.

"Everyone is different." We hear that a lot in our culture--especially out West. We pride ourselves on our individuality and individualism. We also hear it in church, whether at Mass, in faith formation, or in conversation. There is plenty of content discussing the virtues or dangers of self-determination, like that contained in this talk by Bishop Barron.

When we say, "I'm a father," "I'm a husband," or "I'm an engineer," we are declaring how we identify. Has it crossed your mind, "I'm not sure who I would be if I weren't working..."? If we consider 6-8 hours of sleep, 1-3 hours commuting to work, 9-11 hours working, it's no wonder that our jobs play an outsized role in how we see ourselves.

I ask you to consider how strongly you identify with Christ. Do you spend the necessary time in prayer or reading scripture--more importantly, do you see yourself as Christian with the same intensity that you do with your job, your family, or your favorite sport on TV? Remember, Christ sets the bar very high. Throughout the New Testament, He strongly urges us to put him first. (John 1:3-4 is instructive.) And yes, we are all different. Where we should all be similar, is in our true identity through Jesus Christ.

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