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Masculine Spirituality

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Father Mark's talk, 6/20/22, is an inspired foundation of masculine spirituality. It will serve as Men of Faith's guideline between now and our one-day retreat on October 22, 2022 in Borromeo Hall. Each of our Dinner Programs in July, August, and September will tie back to the insights Father Mark shared with us here.


If you feel called to join us on our journey, the first thing you might ask yourself is, "Am I being called to a deeper relationship with Christ?" Then, as Father Mark said, you might consider this:

Do you have an actual desire to grow in relationship with Jesus? If you do, this will start to happen naturally. If you don’t actually have a desire to grow in relationship with Jesus...are you willing to commit to forming a relationship with Jesus? Because you know what it should be…so, are you willing to do that even if you don’t feel it—are you willing to pursue that?


If you answered yes to any of this, here is your invitation. Remember the people at your table on 6/20. Whether or not you sit with them again on July 11th, be ready to share your commitment and progress in growing closer to Christ. By sharing you will find a supportive community of your peers in each of our next three dinners in July, August, and September--leading up to our retreat.


The commitment you make will be personal. Choose whatever is in your heart. In the meantime, here are 10 ideas to jumpstart your exploration:

  1. Pray 10 minutes per day.

  2. Read the daily Mass

  3. Share with a Christian friend or spiritual advisor.

  4. Say the Rosary once a week or join us on 3rd Thursdays to pray it together.

  5. Attend Mass every week, or one more Mass each week.

  6. Watch an additional Mass online each week. For example,

  7. Add one Hail Mary and one Glory Be to your daily Our Father.

  8. Read from Fulton Sheen's daily meditations (free copies from Roy Cavellini).

  9. Read the Magnificat every day: or for The Word Among Us.

  10. Read a daily meditation: For example,

Whatever you choose, please share your learnings and insights when we gather to hear Brian O'Reilly on July 11th. RSVP here.

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