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Pete's Reflections on Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph was a family man. Being fully human, he had problems to address just like us. Here are a few scenarios for you to reflect on using the notion of, "What would Joseph do?" My hope is that by taking time out to imagine and pray on this interesting question, you will find guidance for your life as a father, husband, and friend. Spend some time consulting scripture as you formulate your thoughts.

Reflection 1: Joseph is busy and working in his shop. Toddler Jesus trips and spills a box of nails. Jesus skins his knee and begins to cry. What would Joseph do? Would he feel the same range of human emotions that you would? What would be the worst way he could react? The best way?

Reflection 2: Joseph is tired from working all day. Mary is exhausted from tending to the new baby, preparing meals, and maintaining the household. She goes to bed early. In the meantime, Jesus has awakened and begins fussing. What would Joseph do? How do you imagine the role of fathers in those days? Was Joseph different or the same as his peers? Was their role different than when you were a child or a young father?

Reflection 3: Pre-teen, know-it-all, Jesus wants to go adventuring with some young friends. He is obedient but, still, he's insistent. What would Joseph do? How would you counsel Joseph? How did you counsel your children? How have you been a good influence in the raising of your grandchildren?

Reflection 4: Like the Apostles, the fact that Jesus was the Son of God probably didn't hit Joseph all at once, and it probably didn't stick the first time. Imagine Joseph coming to terms with Jesus. Do you think that was easy or always inspiring? Would it have been confusing and challenging? Pure bliss? See if seeing Jesus through the eyes of Joseph might help you see Jesus more clearly in your life.

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