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Prayer Panel

Our Dinner Program, on August 8, 2022, will be devoted to a panel discussion about prayer. Since Father Mark's kick-off in June, we are on a five-month journey of men's spiritual growth. You may recall that in our last two meetings we asked each of you to make a simple but powerful commitment to your own spiritual growth--and we gave you some suggestions on where to start.

During our August meeting, we will take a deeper dive into prayer. Rather than draw on an outside authority, we have asked 4-5 men, who are members of our ministry, to share how prayer works in each of their lives. We hope that you will be able to relate to your peers, discover things in common, and pick up new ideas you can put to use.

Here is a brief overview of what you can expect to hear during the panel discussion:

Father Mike Schmidt has a ten-minute piece on prayer that may help.

  1. Do You have a regular time to converse with God?

  2. How much time do you generally spend communicating with God?

  3. Do you have a particular time of day set aside?

  4. How do you pray (conventional/formal prayers, conversation, music, quiet listening, etc.)?

  5. How have you benefitted from prayer?

  6. How do you know you are being heard--or do you?

  7. Is listening part of your prayer time or prayer life?

  8. What do you suggest for others to improve their prayer time?

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