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Retreat with the Franciscans

We will post several reflections from the men who attended, "Wrestling with God," January 14-16, 2022. We were nine men from Livermore and there were 45-50 men in attendance. Father Ken Laverone, OFM did a masterful job leading us to God.

Our Livermore men: Steve, Roy, Tony, Dennis, Bill, Stephan, Bryan, Kris, Marty, Jim. Look up the right-hand side and you will see Father Ken. The man standing, second from left with the grey stripe on his sleeve, is Andy. He is a first-rate pianist. He wrote a couple of original hymns for us during the retreat.

All ~50 of us participated in a prayerful meditation of the Stations of the Cross. It was a beautiful route that circled a large garden and small pond.

The lungs of the earth.

Nature always in easy reach.

San Juan Bautista, CA in the distance (approx.).

Hollister, CA in the distance (approx.).

A friendly and well-fed outdoor cat.

Jim: My favorite thing was the fact we attended together. Many of the men we met there had been coming for many years. Thirty-five years was the longest streak I heard. So, when ten new guys rolled in from Livermore, it made an impression on the group of regulars! Father Ken really put thought and effort into our retreat. He has a very positive outlook on Catholic Christianity and was able to share the Good News virtually non-stop. I left feeling optimistic about my faith and grateful to have had the chance to share the experience with my brothers. As a bonus, I got some brief 1:1 time with Father Ken.







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