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Truly Happy

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Family, friends, society, and the media tell us what happiness is and how to find it. Is that where happiness comes from or does it emerge from God’s grace? When you take stock of your life, how much time are you wasting on distractions compared to what you spend contemplating God's presence in you; and all things?

You may have a favorite sport or activity that makes you happy. Time spent with friends and family can also produce a deep sense of happiness. If you're lucky, your work makes you happy. However, do you get that same feeling when you pray or read scripture? (I hope the answer is yes) but, if it isn't, please think it through. How can you reallocate your time, or your intentions, to open a space where prayer, scripture, fellowship, and works bring you the same level of happiness as watching your favorite team win on Sundays?

We are all on God's favorite team. Allow him to help us win this Sunday. He's counting on us to follow his example toward happiness and then share it with the world.

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